NEO-RII M Regulator + LIVE NAVI G2 (PG+Compass) - SAS

SAS NEO-R2M Regulator +  NEO-R2M octopus + Pressure Gauge ProBlue, White

Frictional resistance mitigation of the metal parts of the first stage and the second stage is required, it has adopted a Sasuronmekki the moving-related parts. (Sasuron containing electroless nickel plating) during normal breathing high kinetic from (low-load) in accordance with the conditions leading up to the (high load) and large depth, you can control the breathing resistance in the adjustment of the Venturi effect. If you want to hold the balloon phenomenon at the surface of the water or the like, to the control knob (over) position, by adjusting the stepless to (+) direction ranging from there to a high load, increase the Venturi effect, small breathing you can get a natural breathing effort.
As effects the increase or decrease in respiratory resistance element, friction generated in the contact of the demand lever which is in contact with the diaphragm center plate is greatly involved. To demand lever the tip in order to solve this problem, adopt a self-lubricating resin roller. So the speak, it can be said switch of the air supply, by reducing the frictional resistance of this part, you react in real time to the breathing of the diver.



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