Short Mew Boots Unisex - Gull

Gull, leading maker of scuba-diving and skin-diving equipment, bearing the special characteristics of Gull rubber fins in mind,
makes boots specifically designed for
efficient fin work.Low-cut boots make tan lines less noticeable. They are ideal
for resort diving. You can wear these short boots for
scuba diving, skin diving, and other marine sports. 


Deodorization system
(anti-odor, antibacterial treatment)

Reduces unpleasant smells by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and moulds.Enjoy a comfortable refreshing feel during use.
Note : The antibacterial anti-odor treatment is not permanent.


NON SKID GRIP system (grippy sole) 

Large corrugated areas at heel and toe provide grip and help prevent slipping.



In the front panel, the superb breathability of Airprene enhances quick-dry performance.



At the heel, use of a different material ensures a snug fit and makes sure the boot stays on.

Size: 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 /29


ราคา 1,600.-