Teric - Shearwater

Full Colour. High Resolution. AMOLED.


Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid colour display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities.


Multiple Diving Modes


NEW! Freediving


  • Configurable haptic and audible alarms

    • For depth and time
    • Can be disabled
  • Configurable sampling rates

  • Improved ascent and descent rate indicators



Simple and Powerful 

Optional Air Integration -  The Teric can connect with up to 2 transmitters



Full Colour, High Resolution. AMOLED

1.39" display with deep blacks, and vivid colour display



Rugged Construction

Sapphire crystal window, and 316 stainless bezel & buttons



Equally at home in 330 ft under water and in the corporate boardroom



Different watch faces  To go with multiple styles and occasions


Configurable colours to match your style

15 colour options available


Programmable timers, alarms and stopwatch



Multiple strap colours available from Shearwater



Cloud Control

Download and display dive logs quickly with Bluetooth Smart technology.


Technical Specs






Teric Black, Blue, Silver: ราคา 39,900.- ลดเหลือ 35,910.-

Teric Bronze: ราคา 41,900.- ลดเหลือ 37,710.-

(ไม่รวม Transmitter)