Liberator Plus - TUSA

Liberator Plus

Model Number: TM-5700Q

The TM-5700 Liberator Plus mask is often the first choice of many divers offering comfort and features to suit most faces and diving styles. The Liberator Plus blends high performance with high fashion. Lenses are carefully crafted to provide optical clarity and the crystal silicone skirt assures a precise comfortable fit. TM-5700Q also gives you a broad choice of fashionable frame colors.  Like all TUSA masks, it incorporates a wide range of features to enhance comfort and provide clarity of vision.


>  2-window design with wide field of front vision 
>  Low volume design for snug fit and easy clearing 
>  Corrective Lenses available (MC-5000)  
>  Colors: Black, Cobalt Blue, Flash Yellow, Translucent 
>  Also available in black silicone (TM-5700QB): Black 


Corrective Lenses are offered on several styles of masks. This option allows the diver to choose right and left lens powers in both a variety of diopters for maximum flexibility and for a custom fit.


  • Corrective Lenses for TM-5700Q: -1.0 - -8.0  ราคา ข้างละ  1,262.- 


ราคา 2,915.-