R1 - Cressi

R1 is a new Cressi product designed for divers who want a very complete yet light, hydrodynamic and affordable jacket. It is suitable for most recreational divers. It combines traditional structure with notable buoyancy. Due to its unique waist-length shape and larger wings, it is especially hydrodynamic. It is a durable, comfortable, affordable and well-balanced model with large capacity pockets. Its sober elegant design combines neutral colors appropriate for every kind of equipment. The rounded, exceptionally spacious pockets are easily accessible with durable YKK© 8pitch zippers and gussets. The axillary strap system and low wings guarantee freedom of movement and prevent the diver’s chest from being constricted. The new cushioning in the shoulder pads enhances the comfort of the R1. The 2.0 version of the weight LOCK AID SYSTEM is integrated, safe and easy to use. The lighter structure makes it possible to use the jacket without weights, too.Light, compact, semi-rigid backpack, minimal points of friction with the internal fabric. New design so the backpack handle is always accessible. Backplate to keep the tank perfectly centered, with non-slip rubber inserts and new strap to anchor the valve. Waistband strap independent of the air bladder to avoid constricting the diver’s body when the jacket is inflated. Adjustable length cummerbund. Four 50mm angular stainless D-rings and two 25mm D-rings in ABS. Especially flexible materials used for the lateral parts, pockets and shoulder pads to ensure comfort and to take up as little space as possible inside the carrying case. Elastic chest strap. Direct System Inflator 2011, can be disassembled, no tools needed, for cleaning “on the beach” in case of sand infiltration. Exclusive double filtration system in metal mesh to prevent particulates from infiltrating the inflation valve. Anti-sand design makes it difficult for grains of sand to block the mechanism. Angular stainless steel D-rings and "Y” hose holders.

  • Great buoyancy due to the waist-length design and larger wings. Extremely hydrodynamic
  • The weight system LAS (2.0) integrated into the jacket drastically reduces the total volume of the apparatus, making it much flatter, lighter and more discreet. New rubber grip assembled directly on the pocket. LAS makes managing the weight automatic and intuitive, even when wearing the vest or under challenging conditions (when floating, in rough water, etc.). The pockets fit perfectly into their places. The D-ring located at the opening eases the stress on the fabric and facilitates direct insertion. Spring closure 15 mm long in case of accidental snagging in cables, etc., the same in all sizes, from XS to XL, and identical on the right and left sides. Capacity of up to 4.5 kg each with flexible weight
  • Rounded pockets, exceptionally spacious and easily accessible with durable YKK© 8pitch zippers and gussets
  • Gusseted large capacity pockets
  • Direct System Inflator 2011. Attractive and durable. Metal double filter at the air entry point below the stem and cylindrical filter around the valve. Recalibrated speed of inflation, now 50% greater (traditional size M jacket in 4 seconds at 1 atm). “Anti-sand” design with smaller oral inflation nozzle. Push button with wide opening compared to its casing to prevent it from becoming blocked by grains of sand. Watertight deflation button with silicon washer. The inflation button is integrated into the jacket to avoid unwanted inflation when stretching the inflator hose to release air. New highly durable inflator with very gradual curve. Integrated hose guide clip
  • Backpack as compact as possible for exceptional lightness. Ultra-durable and semi-flexible material. Thermoplastic rubber damper for enhanced tank anchoring. Double waistband strap available. Safety strap included to anchor the jacket to the valve
  • Waist strap independent of the air bladder and cummerbund. This means the strap can be tightened while the jacket is deflated without constricting the diver's stomach when the jacket is inflated
  • Optional fixed weight pockets located between the backpack and the air chamber, aligned with the diver’s body and the tank. They are very useful to determine the diver’s tilt


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