Lanze - Gull

A next-generation mask that all levels of skin and scuba divers, from novice to masters, can enjoy with a peace of mind.

LANZE is an ultra lightweight, high field of view mask incorporating a newly engineered interlocking frame system that provides an extra level of safety ensuring lenses stay intact even if the frame were to take heavy damage during a dive. 




Volume: 115cc *Weight: 215g
A low-volume design that further enhances the width of the left, right, up, and down fields of view, ensuring an exceptionally wide field of view even among GULL’s masks. Ideal for skin diving, free diving as well as diving.




     Havana Pink                  Paradiso Red               Caribbean Blue                    Bright Mint                           White

     Coral Orange                Delight Sand              Neon Shimmer/Black         MDN Blue/Black           Delight Sand/Black

Optical Lens : -1.0 - -8.0 ราคา ข้างละ 1,710.- 
ราคา  3,590.-