X-Tek Donut Wing - Scubapro

Dependable Buoyancy Control Regardless of Diving Position


The shape and internal design of X-TEK DONUT WINGSmean you can always expect unparalleled buoyancy control regardless of your diving position. Built rugged for years of active back plate diving, they are offered in two styles and three lift capacities.

Technical Information

  • Wings are built with a 1680D Ballistic nylon outer shell and a 420D nylon inner bladder.
  • Airflow is controlled via a SCUBAPRO Balanced Power Inflator (BPI).
  • Available for single or double tank configurations in three lift capacities: 30lbs/13kg, 40lbs/18kg or 60lbs/27kg.



13 kg with BPI for Singles ราคา 12,590.- ลดเหลือ 11,300.-

18 kg with BPI for Twins ราคา 13,365.- ลดเหลือ 12,000.-