X-Tek Pure Single System 13 kg - Scubapro

The Scubapro X-Tek Pure Single Tank System is designed to improve diving comfort by being as streamlined and as minimalistic as possible. Only the bare components needed are fitted, this reduces the amount of drag a diver experiences improving gas consumption, increasing bottom times. The X-Tek Pure Harness is made from a continuous, single peice of webbing allowing infinate adjustablility that will fit a diver perfectly everytime it is worn. The donut shape of the X-Tek Pure Single Tank wing wraps neatly around the cylinder to create a low profile that is easy to swim through the water. The Scubapro X-Tek Pure Single Tank System comes complete with a Single Tank Adapator and two Super Cinch straps.

Everything you need to know about how to correctly setup and care for your X-Tek system can be found here.

Scubapro X-Tek Pure Single Tank System Features:

  • 13kg/28lbs wing capacity
  • 1680 denier ballistic nylon outer shell
  • 420 denier nylon inner bladder
  • Backplate made from stainless steel
  • Single piece Pure Harness
  • One d-ring one each shoulder, one d-ring on the right hip
  • 50mm wide webbing crotch strap with two d-rings
  • STA and two camstraps included


ราคา 25,360.-