Bali Hood 3 mm. - Aqualung

High quality 3mm neoprene head cover for Bali and Mahe model 2019, The hood can be worn on the left or right.
Fits the current colors of the suit series Overall Bali CAMOBLUE jumpsuit 3mm and Mahe CAMOBLUE Shorty 3mm.

The super-turn neoprene with its modern graphic accents ensures that the hood can be pulled easily and extremely stretchy and the diver is comfortable and optimally prepared for the warm waters.

Hood Bali Unisex – Aqua Lung

• Hood 3mm made of superstrech neoprene, can be worn on the left and right
• Flat seams for greater wearing comfort
• anatomically shaped
• Compatible with models: Overall Bali CAMOBLUE, Shorty Mahe CAMOBLUE
• UNISEX sizes: S, M, L, XL




ราคา 990.-