Folding Knife, Black SS-Saeko Dive

  • Sharp tip with half serrated edge and line cutter
  • High resistant and non-reflective black blade with slip-resistant texture on handle
  • Compact, lightweight and perfect for carrying on all your diving trips with adjustable wrist lanyard
When extended, it has a full-sized grip. When folded, it is 12 cm long, smaller than any BC knife and easily fits inside a pocket. The blade is locked when extended so you cannot accidentally close the blade. You can press the bar on the back of the handle to release the lock.
  • Blade length: 9.1 cm
  • Overall length: 21 cm
  • 3118 blade material: 304 S.S. with black electro-plating
  • 3118T blade material: Titanium
  • Colors Available: P, O, Y, G, B, PR and K


ราคา 890.-