Firwarm Heat L/S, Women-Gull

Whether you most value mobility or heat retention, you will find what you need in our lineup. For scuba diving, skin diving, and other activities, FIR nap jackets also double as inner wear.The 2-mm skin is lined with FIR nap that creates far-infrared warmth from escaping body heat. The cut enables relaxed breathing. With a warming inner garment, throughout the year, you can enjoy scuba diving, skin diving, and other marine sports.

  • Wear resistance is shownHard Tech Jersey
  • Keeping warm effectWARM HEAT RASH NEO
  • 99% of UV insulationUV CUT UPF50+
  • ComfortableDRY TOUCH +UV CUT


Size S M L
Height(cm)  154~162 154~162 154~162
Chest(cm)  72~80 79~87 86~94
Hips(cm)  82~90 87~95





ราคา 3,990.-