Colby Jumpsuit 3mm-Aqualung

Colby Jumpsuit 3mm. Rental Fullsuits are the ideal solution for rental programs. The 3mm Rental Fullsuit includes features such as 3mm high quality standard neoprene on the arms, shoulders and lower legs for added mobility and comfort, large Supratex kneepads to reduce wear and tear, heavy-duty YKK #10 back zipper.

  • 3mm Nylon II neoprene
  • Extra long back zipper with Nylon pull
  • Durable and comfortable flatlock construction
  • Embossed kneepads
  • A popular choice for dive lockers rental as well as new divers
5mm. ราคา 6,490.- ลดเหลือ 5,192.-



ราคา 4,650.-