Mantis - Gull

Smooth in use and providing reliable propulsion, the Mantis is a basic strap fin for scuba diving and skin diving.

  • Sense like the footFoot pocket designed
  • Catch the waterBlade tip shaped
  • Fin work and efficiencyMiddle-range blade
  • Greater propulsionHybrid rubber
  • Strong in a downkickRib shape


Size Weight Size
a b c d
S 895g 495 × 190 × 95 × 90 mm
M 1,115g 535 × 200 × 105 × 92 mm
L 1,200g 555 × 200 × 115 × 95 mm

MANTIS FIN boot size fitting table

Size GS BOOTS Felt Sole Boots World Dive® dry boot Mobby Dick® dry boot
S 23~24cm
M 25~26cm 22~23cm 22cm
L 27~28cm 22~23cm 23~25cm 23~25cm

*Be aware that, depending on the boot, sizing may be different to that shown. Fit also depends on the individual form of your feet: for some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small.


DX spec fin buckle

The buckle is now easier to deal with. With a better-designed center guide, the quick-release locking mechanism can be latched and detached even by weak and tired hands. Less force is also required with the improved strap adjustment button. As required, you can easily fine tune the strap fitting.

Jet holes (two locations)

Jet holes funnel water rearwards, reducing turbulence and side planing when you kick. To achieve a powerful jet flow, these new-design jet holes have wide entrances and narrow exits.


ราคา 4,500.-