Super Mew XX (OH) - Gull

Maximizing the resilient properties of rubber, the Super Mew is the most powerful strap fin for scuba diving and skin diving.


Size Weight Size
a b c d
S 1,015g 540 × 196 × 90 × 85 mm
M 1,127g 560 × 200 × 100 × 90 mm
L 1,245g 580 × 214 × 105 × 95 mm


Super Mew XX boot size fitting table 

Size GSboot Felt-soled boots Dry boots by other makers
(World Dive/Mobby Dick)
S 23∼24.5cm 22∼23cm
M 25∼26cm 22∼24cm 23∼25cm
L 26∼27cm 25∼26cm 25∼27cm

*It is also possible to use these fins with soled boots and dry boots.*1 Before purchase, please check with your Gull stockist. 
*While we have enlisted the cooperation of Japanese suit makers to check and draw up our own list of items (in the leftmost column) that will fit with Super Mew XX, be aware that if boot inners are worn, the sizing will change; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet: for some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small.


Sole designed to transmit power to the blade tip

The slightly thicker-than-usual design ensures obedience to your will. Even when you are kicking powerfully, force is efficiently transmitted to the blade tip.

Boot pocket designed to fit as well as full-foot fins and make it easy to get in to and get out of the fins

In the boot pocket, along sole and high instep minimize lateral slippage of the toe end of the boots. An even better fit is possible if you pair them with Gull GS boots, which were designed for use with these fins.

Newly designed blade

While inheriting the width if the Super Mew, these fins are shorter. You get the same easy maneuverability, and even the same feel, as Super Mew. Naturally, the Gull line is made for horizontal movement but, for times when you need to go straight up, these fins are designed to catch the water.

Hybrid rubber delivers even greater propulsion

To enable these fins to powerfully, yet smoothly, deliver tenacious propulsive power, different pliant and resilient types of rubber are used for the foot pocket, blade, and ribs.

Ribs designed to firmly catch the water

Making the ribs the same height on the top and bottom of the blade has radically improved rebound performance.

Optimized blade-tip line

The end of the blade is shaped to allow water to smoothly escape. Because the blade rebounds more quickly, throughout your session, you can efficiently keep on kicking.

Fin bottoms made for ease of use and safety

Supergrip system
Complementing the all-over thickening of the sole, grip has been improved with a new tread pattern.

Hyperdimple system
Suppressing turbulence, dimples send more kick power into propulsion

Water-flow smoother system
For more efficient propulsion, water is effectively channeled rearwards rather than to the sides




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