Emden - Gull

Enjoy scuba diving and skin diving without overdoing it. Find it easy to kick through the water in these short-blade full-foot fins.

  • fitting feel&attachment EasinessBoot Pocket
  • Catch the waterBlade tip shaped
  • Fin work and efficiencyMiddle-range blade
  • Greater propulsionHybrid rubber
  • Strong in a downkickRib shape


Size Barefoot size Total length Total width 
XS 20~22cm 415mm 184mm
S 22~24cm 445mm 194mm
MS 23~25cm 470mm 200mm
M 24~26cm 480mm 200mm
L 26~28cm 510mm 208mm
XL 28~30cm 548mm 210mm


Short blade

These simple rubber fins feature a short blade that provides excellent mobility and provide easy maneuverability both on the surface and underwater, allowing use by a wide range of divers.



ราคา  4,095.-