Mew FF - Gull

Delivering excellent propulsion and easily used by anyone, Mew Fins are the best-choice standard full-foot fins for scuba diving 
and skin diving.


Size Weight Size
c b a
S 705g 520 × 190 × 75 mm
MS 740g 540 × 190 × 78 mm
M 750g 550 × 200 × 81 mm
L 850g 580 × 210 × 84 mm
XL 1,025g 620 × 220 × 87 mm

Mew boot size fitting table

Size Barefoot Mew boot short Mew boot 5mm Mew boot skin hot boot
S 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
MS 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
M 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm
L 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm
XL 28~29cm 27~28cm 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm

*This size table is only a guide; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet. For some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small. To ensure a proper fit, please confirm which size suits you at an actual trial fitting.



Made from kinugawa Rubber
*1)Of fins made by specialist domestic makers, during FY 2016 in diving shops in Japan, Gull rubber fins were the top sellers (inhouse market analysis).






Mew  ราคา 3,490.-  ลดเหลือ 3,140.-

Black Hard Mew / Hard Mew / Safe Mew  ราคา 3,900.-  ลดเหลือ 3,510.-