Look HD - Aqualung

Born in 1988, The Look mask is the best selling mask in the Aqua Lung range. Classic, great fit, easily converted into optical mask… Born to be a winner, what can be better? The Look HD.

  • Stainless steel (AISI 316) anti-torsion bar – integrated in the frame structure for maximum dimensional stability and lens planarity.
  • It offers a great visibility, without any distorsion.
  • Cardanic Joint Buckles and micrometric adjustment for a perfect fit
  • AFT – Advanced fit Technology for an optimum comfort and water tight seal
  • Photogravure for a nice finishing on frame
  • The frame is made of innovative techno-polymers reinforced with inorganic fillers improving Shock-resistance and Durability
  • Strap – 100% Silicone with enlarged headpiece
  • Negative from -1.00 up to -10.00 ราคาเลนส์ ข้างละ 1,232 - 2,096  บาท
  • Positive (left and right) from +1.50 up to +3.00  ราคาเลนส์ ข้างละ 1,912 บาท



ราคา  2,690.-