Look - Aqualung

The comfort and fi t of the look mask have made it a longstanding favorite with all divers. An excellent choice for an all around good mask. Low volume, two-window design. Easy adjusting buckles

Advanced features:

  • Great visibility
  • Hypo-allergenic, high grade silicone skirt fi ts a wid variety of faces
  • Tempered glass lens
  • A popular choice for rental as well as new divers. it is compact, lightweight, easy to maintain.

Optical Lenses :

  • Negative from -1,00 up to -10,00 ราคาเลนส์ ข้างละ 1,352 - 2,224  บาท
  • Positive (left and right) from +1,50 up to +3,00  ราคาเลนส์ ข้างละ 1,984 บาท


ราคา  1,890.-