Mantis 5 - Gull


Going beyond borders, transcending diving styles, this is the ultimate standard mask for scuba diving and skin diving.


Accepts optical lensesMore


Up-down arc of view

Low volume
A Mantis 5 : 177 cc
Inner volume reduced to 12% less than Mantis Achieving lower volume enabled wider field of view
B Mantis : 202 cc 
Weight  Mantis 5 : 225g Mantis : 233g

Up-down arc of view

With its extended downward arc of vision, the Mantis 5 provides a proper field of view down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried.

Low volume


Optical Lens : -1.0 - -8.0 ราคา ข้างละ 1,710.-
ราคา 3,490.-