WTX-D60R Twin - Apeks


>  Wings specifically designed for twin tanks.

>  Very streamlined because they are compact.

>  They offer optimum balance and are very stable.

>  They do not wrap around the tank (taco), unlike larger wings.

>  Rugged, durable heavy duty materials and hardware.

>  Fondly referred to as “donuts” due to their shape. 


60 llbs lift


> This redundant system contains two inner cells in one outer bag. Either cell is capable of generating 60 lbs of lift when it is full. Dive with peace of mind knowing that you’re carrying a redundant system.

Two inflators - K style with brass buttons

>  Low profile oval-shaped hose.

>  Safety cable to prevent hyper- extension.

>  Positioned off-centre so as to not interfere with 1st stage.

Dump Valve

>  Low profile flat valve.

>  Positioned in front, lower-left side.

>  Tank stabilizer bars.


>  2 large drain grommets.

>  Centre mesh drain panel. 


ราคา 27,790.-