WTX-D30 Set - Apeks


WTX D30 + Webbed Harness + Backplate + Single Tank Adpator + Tank Band


>  Narrow wings specifically designed for single tanks.

>  Very streamlined because they are compact.

>  They offer optimum balance and are very stable.

>  They do not wrap around the tank (taco) as larger wings will often do.

>  Rugged, durable heavy duty materials and hardware.

>  Fondly referred to as “donuts” due to their shape. 


32 lbs lift


Inflator - K style with brass buttons

>  Low profile oval-shaped hose.

>  Safety cable to prevent hyper- extension.

>  Positioned off-centre so as to not interfere with 1st stage.

Dump Valve

>  Low profile flat valve.

>  Positioned in front, lower-left side.

>  Tank stabilizer bars.


>  2 large drain grommets.

>  Centre mesh drain panel. 


ราคา 41,340.-