WTX-D40 PSD Set - Apeks

WTX D40 PSD + Webbed Harness + Backplate + Single Tank Adpator + Tank Band


Designed for Public Safety divers, but a very practical and attractive option for all styles of diving, these 30 and 40 lb single cylinder wings boast all of the same features as the 30 and 40 lb single tank wings but are constructed from an Armoguard slick skin. This fast drying material is more abrasion resistant than traditional Cordura® and due to its slick nature it rinses easily and even if it is stored while damp it doesn’t pick up bacterial growth or smells. 


40 lbs lift


Inflator - K style with brass buttons

>  Low profile oval-shaped hose

>  Safety cable to prevent hyper-extension

>  Positioned off-centre so as to not interfere with 1st stage

Dump Valve

>  Low profile flat valve

>  Positioned in front, lower-left side

>  Tank stabiliser bars


>  2 large drain grommets

>  Centre mesh drain panel 



ราคา  44,140.-