Black Ice - Apeks

The Black Ice is designed with the more serious recreational diver in mind. Designed to provide the comfort desired for daily diving and the features needed to take you over the edge, the Black Ice is ideal for the diver who does it all. The seperately available twin cylinder kit converts your Black Ice for twin cyclinder diving.

>  Equipped with flat E valves on the right shoulder and lower rear right and left sides (fitted with easy grip pull dumps). Flat E Valves are extremely streamlined with a one way design to keep water out.

>  Two shoulder settings for true custom adjustments.

>  Adjustable chest strap.

>  3 waistband settings.

>  3 bladder retractors.

>  Wrapture Harness® System.

>  5 stainless steel D-rings.

>  SOLAS reflector inflator hold down.

>  Powerline inflator with internal dump cable.

>  Innovative swivel shoulder buckles.

>  Knife attachment points

>  Right hand large utility pocket. 


ราคา 34,190.